After many months of questioning myself as to how I saw my future unfolding after I retire from teaching, I decided that I would turn the dreams that I had always had for myself, as an artist, into goals. I explored many ways that I could acheive those goals and become more goal oriented. Being a rather disorganized person as far as my personal life, painting time and teaching, I had forgotten to set boundaries. I had let everything spill over into each other, hence, I found myself cooking dinner while I was painting, or doing laundry and catching up on emails. I have a beautiful studio to work in but since it is in the lower level of my home I have just kept multitasking by handling family, business and students affairs all at the same time. Now I feel burned out and used up. I want to accomplish something (anything) that resembles what my dreams and goals were years ago when I first started my journey as an artist.

One of the ways I felt that I would be able to accomplish this was to weed out what was not nuturing from what was necessary. In other words – what had worked for me before and what had not furthered my attaining my goals.

As I looked back over the last five years I realized that I have really been on a journey, just with lots of off ramps and costruction zones. As I thought about what had worked before, what had made me go to the studio,stay there and produce art I realized that most of my recognition had come from being the host and producer of the community cable television program, “Gallery Works”. I also realized that what made me go to the studio and pick up my brushes was the excitement of change. Having been an artist whose livelihood comprised mostly of commissioned work – I had begun to feel cheated in the fact that I could or would not go out with other artists and paint for the sheer joy of painting.

I have always loved traveling. I realized that combining painting with travel, sometimes close, somtimes across the globe, would be very fulfilling. This would also help me acheive what I had hoped would be me life as a painter so long ago.

My television show, “Gallery Works” had been a very successful vehicle and so I decided to produce a second show. I titled the show “Painting Journeys”. During the show I paint some of those beautiful places I have traveled and thus I am fullfilling my two loves as well as achieving my legacy as an artist.

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  1. Do you have video tapes or CD’s of you painting for sale ? You have a great way of peacefully showing people how to paint. Love your show !

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