“A Christmas Favorite”

A Christmas Favorite

This is my official Christmas Painting for 2014. I love poinsettias and must admit that there is one in almost every holiday painting I have completed. I have been creating a new painting for Christmas each year since 1993.

There is an old legend from Mexico about the flower, that I will share with you, my reader. It was Christmas Eve and all of the townspeople were taking their gifts to the church to be given to the Christ Child. One little peasant boy, who was very poor knelt in the snow and cried because he did not have anything, at all, to give to the baby Jesus. Suddenly, right there, where his tears had been falling in the snow the most beautiful red flower grew. He picked his prize, took it into the church and laid it at the foot of the cradle, where all of the people gathered around astonished at the miracle. The flower became known as the flower of the Night and was later given the name poinsettia.


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