“Grand Canyon” South Rim


On another of my stops, on my way to California, this summer of 2015, I had the opportunity to stop and have my first look at the Grand Canyon.  While time was short and I could only stay a few hours, never have I been more aware or affected by the beauty of the Southwest region of the United States.  Standing on the South Rim of the canyon, looking out over the rugged landscape of this untamed area filled me with a sense of awe.  It called me to try to capture it on my canvas.  I knew that doing so would not be an easy journey, for me as a painter, even if the changing colors and fabulous shapes were a feast for my eyes.  I chose, carefully,  the out cropping with the tree on it as my focal point, being sure that a great deal of the canyon could be seen beyond.

To view this episode of Painting Journeys please click on “Grand Canyon” South Rim.

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