“Pacific Coastline”

Pacific Coastline Small

It is usually very overcast, rainy or misty along the “Pacific Coastline” in Washington State.  Normally, a sun lover, there is something about the natural beauty that draws me back.  I don’t mind what the weather may be like, the scenery is breathtaking anytime, no matter when I travel there.  On this trip I had the opportunity to view a mist laden tree line with the Pacific Ocean raging below.  The little beach beyond looks like it has never felt a human foot upon it.  A view like this begs to be captured on canvas with careful rendering so as to not spoil the mood of the piece.

To view this episode of “Painting Journeys”, click on the highlighted title of the painting, “Pacific Coastline”, or go to http://www.wscssheboygan.com. Go to VOD (video on demand), select the playlist “Painting Journeys.” “Pacific Coastline” Great Northwest.

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