“Mill Creek”


While driving along a backwoods road in Cowlitz County, visiting my sister in Washington State, I came upon “Mill Creek“.  The way the sun was shining through the evergreen trees onto the cool, clear water rushing over the rocks, I was compelled to capture that beauty on canvas.  There is something so purifying to my soul when I am able to see nature at its most untouched.  The water was clear and I could see fish lazily swimming by, where it had been warmed by the sun.  Shafts of sunlight changed the color of the trees to a bright golden green.  Hmmm, so beautiful. . . .

To view this episode of “Painting Journeys”, click on the highlighted title of the painting, “Mill Creek”, or go to http://www.wscssheboygan.com. Go to VOD (video on demand), select playlist for “Painting Journeys” “Mill Creek”, Cowlitz County, Washington State.

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