“Old Faithful” Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

As a child in grade school, I was always fascinated by “Old Faithful“.  We were taught that you could set your clock by it, the geyser erupted at a certain time every hour.  It took me many years to be able to finally visit Yellowstone Park and marvel at all of it’s beauty. When it came time for Old Faithful to erupt, I was right there, as close as the park rangers would allow.  It did not turn out to be as punctual as I had thought it would be, but just as I was – it was a lot older now too.

To view this episode of “Painting Journeys”, click on the highlighted title of the painting, “Old Faithful”, or go to http://www.wscssheboygan.com. Go to VOD (video on demand), select the playlist “Painting Journeys” “”Old Faithful” Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

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