“Eat Ice Cream”


For years I have driven to Plymouth on Hwy C and seen the barn on the left side of the road just before you reach Hwy 57. The sign painted on it has faded almost completely from the sun. Each time I would drives by, I would tell myself that someday, I was going to paint that barn. The perfect time came just at the “twilight hour” this past spring. You know – that moment just before the sun goes down and everything glows. The complete sign reads “Eat Ice Cream for Daily Happiness”. I was very happy that day.

“Night Magic”


Years ago, in Southern California, we had a cactus in our backyard named Night Blooming Cereus. It only bloomed once a year for one night. About seven in the evening you would see a large bud on the side of the cactus. At about twelve to one in the morning the flower would be in full bloom and about the size of a dinner plate. By three or four in the morning the flower started to close and by seven in the morning it would be completely wilted and gone. If you did not notice the bud that one night, you would miss the “magic” until the next year.