“Start Er Up”, Sheboygan County, WI

Start Er Up!

This painting was began en plein air (outdoors). The owner of the old International Truck was ever so accomadating as he charged the battery, got it started and moved it a few feet this way and that, while I tried to decide which placement would look best in my painting. The day was over and I was not finished so I decided to complete the painting on “Painting Journeys”. I also thought it would be nice if the veiwers of my show had a chance to see what the area I live in looks like. This is pretty much a scene right out of our countryside here in Sheboygan County. Many farms, old trucks and really nice people.

To view the episode of “Start Er Up” please go to http://www.wscssheboygan.com. Go to Programming, scroll down to VOD (video on demand), select category “Arts, Music & Entertainment” and then scroll the shows for “Painting Journeys” “Start Er Up”, Sheboygan County, WI.

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