Italian Riveria, Mediterranean Sea

Italian Riviera, Mediterranian
“Italian Riviera”
Along the Italian Coastline of the Mediterranean Sea is the area Cinque Terra. It is five towns that are built into the cliffsides overhanging the water. The only way to travel to each town is by train through tunnels in the mountains, by boat or walking along paths that wander along the cliffsides to each town. I chose this scene, overlooking the water crashing upon the rocks below, to show the wildness of the area. When you think of the Riviera you assume sandy beaches and bathing suits. While each town did have a small beach and access to the water, this raw, natural and powerful beauty of nature untamed, moved me to paint the most.

To view the episode of “Italian Riviera” Mediterranean Sea, please go to Go to Programming, scroll down to VOD (video on demand), select category “Arts, Music & Entertainment” and then scroll the shows for “Painting Journeys” “Italian Riveria” Mediterranean Sea, Italy

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