Working Farm, San Gigminano, Tuscany

Working Farm, San Gigmanano, Italy 12x16 (2)
“Working Farm, San Gigminano, Italy”

This was a wonderful place to visit. There were paintings everywhere I looked, just waiting to be committed to my canvas. The graciousness of the people that owned the farm and winery was unsurpassed. The farm had everything they needed, including their own winery and had been in the same family for centuries. It provided their onsite store with wine tasting, fresh breads and sweet rolls, cheeses, preserved fruits and candies. Everything had been grown or raised right there. Our lunch was a feast for the senses. In my painting I wanted to express this feeling of abundance and old world ambiance. To view the episode of “Working Farm” San Gigminano, please go to Go to Programming, scroll down to VOD (video on demand), select category “Arts, Music & Entertainment” and then scroll the shows for “Painting Journeys” “Working Farm”, San Gigminano, Italy.

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