“Little Step Falls” Skagway, AK


“Little Step Falls” Skagway, AK

No journey to Alaska would be complete without visiting a true “wild west” town. All of the sights and sounds of the little town were energizing to me. It was alive and vibrant with just about every type of personality, from dance hall girls to gold miners to trappers. The people were so open and thought nothing of stopping you on the street and talking with you. I could have spent many weeks there painting the local color of the area. My time being limited and loving waterfalls the way I do, I decided that this turbulent scene best described how I felt there. It was bursting with the energy that two elements of nature, water and rock, create when they come together.

To view the episode “Little Step Falls“, Skagway, AK please go to http://www.wscssheboygan.com. Go to Programming, scroll down to VOD (video on demand), select category “Arts, Music & Entertainment” and then scroll the shows for “Painting Journeys” “Little Step Falls”, Skagway, AK

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