Tongass Narrows, Ketchikan, AK


“Tongass Narrows” (featured in the first episode of “Painting Journeys”) was from a photo I had taken in Ketchikan, AK. What a beautiful and peaceful trip it was. Traveling there on a large car ferry, up through the “inside passage” gave me the opportunity to see some awe inspiring scenery. There was a large, glassed in, viewing deck in the front of the ferry. I spent most of my time there, watching for whales and seeing the tiny little villages with their quaint lighthouses go by. I felt the presence of peace on that journey. I loved the natural and untamed feel to all that I saw. Tongass Narrows is just south of Ketchikan right on the Pacific Ocean. Ketchikan is one in a string of small islands. You cannot drive there as there are no roads in or out. Only by boat or plane can you visit.

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